Apple Vinaigrette Sauce -

Made with only the best organic / non gmo ingredients (Shelf Stable)

wasabi Curry Sauce - Indian japanese Fusion This sauce is truly an original using Italian spices with Apple gives this sauce a complex yet savor flavor that will definitely have you wanting more!

Goes great with a stir fry or dipping sauce for vegetables.

Suggested Serving: Scooping, Spread , Dipping or Cooking Sauce
USER SUGGESTIONS : Meatloaf, Meat Marinade, Stir Fry, Hash Browns, Veggie Burgers,Chili, Bake Beans, Turkey Burgers, French Fries, Glaze Salmon Cakes, Sausages, Nachos, Stuffed Peppers
Beef Brisket, Pizza and anything else you can think of!
Wasabi Curry Sauce - Indian Japanese Fusion