story OF Golden path foods




Once upon a time, there was a Lord and a Lady that decided to change their eating habits; due to the sever digestive issues they were both having.




Thus the, The Lady was the first of the two to attempt to resolve this conundrum.  Her first step was researching different diets from around the world, and beta testing there true effectiveness.


Amazingly, she discovered a correlation between herbs and spices and how they improved overall digestion occurring in the body.






After informing the Lord, of this enlightening discovery; he was elated about joining the quest!


Due to the love of various condiments, it was decided that this would be the first riddle to be unraveled.


( Hypothesis ) How to create a healthy condiment?  



This was a perplexing problem that needed to be solved.



They did the research, and knew it was testable.

The research discovered that, such varies herbs and spices such as Ginger, Sage, Turmeric, Chilies, varies seeds, when combined in the proper quantities could not only enhance flavor, but improve digestion.



After varies experiments, they knew probability was high of accomplishing this goal of creating the perfect condiment, however the only true test would be a social gathering.


Remarkably, it was a raging success!


The proof of this success, was the participants wanting to know where they could purchase such fine condiments.




Thus Golden Path Foods was Born!